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Our Property Management Services for Costa Rica Homes

So you own a home in Costa Rica but you do not live here? As many people do worldwide, you want to find a competent manager to take care of your cherished possession while you are away.

Costa Rica has its own idiosyncrasies of which many people who hold themselves out to be managers may be unaware.

Utility providers are not organized in the country. Since the mail system is not developed, you will never get a paper bill in time to pay your bill correctly. However, the providers also generally do not know how to use a telephone, so whenever there is an accounting mistake, they may erroneously shut off your services. An experienced manager knows how to deal with these issues to get things running again ASAP.

The power company in Costa Rica is not the best in world. They frequently have brown outs and subsequent power spikes when the power comes back on. It is important to think about surge protection throughout your property. Nonetheless, if your manager does not know how to repair appliances and electronics when possible, you will end up replacing a lot of things.

Most homes in Costa Rica of quality are built with back up water systems. Your manager should know how pressure pumps work, how to repair them, how the various valves and shut offs work, etc.

Another consideration is general repairs. While labor in Costa Rica is somewhat cheap, if your manager uses contractors for electrical, plumbing, tile, gypsum, block and other repairs, your bill will be extremely high.

Coastal Property Management keeps handymen on staff full time that are competent for common repairs, and only brings in contractors when truly necessary.

Please let us know if you have questions about the management of your home through our Contact Us