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Costa Rica Condo Management

Costa Rica Condo Management with Coastal Property Management

So you own a condo in Costa Rica but you do not live here? As many people do worldwide, you want to find a competent manager to take care of your cherished possession while you are away.

Management of condos in Costa Rica requires an intimate knowledge of how condo associations are set up from a legal perspective and in practice. It also requires the ability to work with other companies as often the common areas are managed by one company, and each unit may be managed by separate companies.

It is important to pay monthly fees on time for condominiums as late payment may result in fines, loss of voting privileges and may cause resentment from other owners. Condo associations may be underfunded so keeping the cash flow consistent helps keep the common areas looking good.

Condos have the same maintenance issues as homes. It is important that leaks are fixed immediately to avoid damage to your unit, but also damage to other adjoining units. Repairs within a unit are the responsibility of that unit's manager.

CPM has full time handymen on staff to be sure anything that comes up can be taken care of immediately.

Lastly, if you rent your unit, you want it marketed! CPM has multiple websites, referral relationships throughout the country, and fast response from our booking agent, so you get as many rentals as possible.

Please let us know if you have questions about the management of your condo through our Contact Us page.