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Costa Rica Condo Complex Management

Costa Rica Condominium Complex Management

Coastal Property Management does not simply manage individual units. We also manage condominium complexes in Costa Rica.

Did you know that a condominium complex in Costa Rica is a legal entity? It is and therefore can and should have its own bank account, social security contract, and employees.

A condominium complex is run by a board of directions who direct an administrator. Coastal Property Management acts as an administrator of condo complexes in Costa Rica.

In addition to maintaining the common areas, we collect dues, keep the association up to date legally, and in general look out for the welfare of the condo project.

CPM has full time handymen on staff to be sure anything that comes up can be taken care of immediately.

We understand the importance of keeping a property good so rentals are frequent and sale prices are high!

Please let us know if you have questions about the management of your condo through our Contact Us page.